Handmade paper
handmade paper texture

Click here to see a close-up of the texture

Your artwork couldn't be more unique when you use handmade paper. These packs are made by the artist Susan Barton-Tait. Her work "is multidisciplinary, incorporating sociopolitical ideas that respond to environmental issues, memories attached to objects, women’s issues, and the fragility of family dynamics" working "with basic/minimalistic materials through a formal structure that stimulates viewer reaction."


One of those "basic materials" is paper that she often uses in her sculptures and other art work. 


Click on the circle for a close-up of the wonderful texture. Each sheet is an artwork in its own right! 


"Hand papermaking is a magical process where wet cellulose fibres bind together naturally when pressed together to form a sheet of paper. Each sheet of handmade paper is individually formed by dipping a rigid screen (mould) into a slurry of beaten cellulose fibres, then pressed and dried. Hand papermaking benefits the environment by using eco-friendly organic materials: cotton, hemp, abaca, flax ,other cellulose fibres and recycled paper to create a unique artisanal product."



A5 size, off white set of 10 sheets

5x7", cream coloured set of 10 sheets